1. History

    The Salvatores have been practicing dentistry since 1934, when Dr. Arthur Salvatore Sr. established his first practice. With the addition of Dr. Richard Salvatore Jr. and Dr. Vera Popova Salvatore, Salvatore Dental is onto its third generation! Here is a newspaper article of the Salvatores circa 1968. Here is the full transcription: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?– Dentistry is the only way of l…Read More

  2. Summer 2011

    Hello everyone! Welcome to Salvatore Dental in Malta New York! Thanks for visiting our new website. As you can see we are in the middle of construction for the site and also at the office. We are renovating the office for my arrival (Dr. Richard Jr.), building three new dental operatories and a new hygiene room. We also are coming out of the dark ages and going digital! We are adding computers to …Read More