Your teeth are discolored or stained, and you want to brighten your smile. You and millions of others make the effort to enhance their smile. A straight, white smile adds a myriad of benefits to your life. Not only will you feel a boost in confidence, but those in your social circles will take notice, too. A beautiful smile is one of the top three facial features people notice during first impressions. That’s why those who smile more tend to discover more opportunities in life.

With all that being said, how do you choose where to get your teeth whitened? You can use the Over-The-Counter whitening strips, take-home trays, or professional in-office whitening treatment. All three are viable options depending on your teeth brightening goals. Nonetheless, the question has been asked, and we want to answer it for you: Which is best for teeth whitening treatment, a dentist or day spa?

Dentist Vs. Day Spa

Day Spa Teeth Whitening

It can be effective to go to a day spa for teeth whitening treatment, but you won’t get the same level or oral health knowledge compared to seeing your local Malta dentist. Day spas have recently been called “dental offices with non-dental services.” The primary mission of a day spa is to help you feel relaxed. The primary mission of a dental office is to enhance, improve, or restore your oral health. Overall the cost of a day spa can be just as much as a dental teeth whitening treatment — and in some cases more expensive due to the additional services.

Professional Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment

Unlike a day spa, your local dentist is able to examine the entirety of your oral health. At Salvatore Dental, you will be welcomed to a quiet, comfortable office so that you can relax and meet with your dentist. Your oral health will be examined, and then a discussion will happen about how teeth whitening will help you brighten your smile. Finally, you will have your teeth whitened professionally by your dentist.



Do This One Thing Before Choosing A Day Spa

If you’ve decided that a day spa is right for you, visit your dentist first. Have a general checkup, voice your decision to have your teeth whitened at your local day spa, and then discuss your options with your dentist. The last thing you want is to get your teeth whitened and it not work or cause oral issues to flair up.

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