Losing a tooth as a child signifies a moment of maturation. As an adult, the same event is a cause for concern. Your teeth exist for more than speaking and chewing. They help your oral health and protect the root and soft tissues between your gums and jaw bone. What’s more, a single missing tooth can be devastating to your overall oral health. Other teeth can crowd or shift, causing vulnerabilities in your smile that can cost you thousands later in life.

At Salvatore Dental in Malta, we’re focused on creating a comfortable, relaxed environment at our office so that you can visit our office more often and take care of your oral health more consistently. In this post, we want to share the six major dangers of missing even a single tooth and how restorative dental procedures can help your smile.

The Six Dangers Of Missing Teeth

Danger #1 – Jaw Bone Loss Or Receding

Your teeth do more than help you chew and speak. They actually help nourish and keep your jaw bone healthy. As you use your teeth, they stimulate and support your jaw bone. Without the stimulation, your jaw bone will begin to recede, which will cause more oral health issues.

Danger #2 – Your Teeth Will Shift

Teeth support one another. The reason they stand tall and remain in place is that of one another. The moment you lose a tooth, the structure of your smile is compromised. Your teeth will begin to shift toward the gap in your smile, which can leave your mouth vulnerable to tooth decay, gum recession, and more.

Danger #3 – Develop Bite Irregularities

You may not notice it now, but your missing tooth is causing a change in your bite. Bite alignment helps keep your jaw and temporomandibular joint from becoming irritated and/or stressed. Those who suffer from TMJ or TMD tend to have a bite irregularity among other common symptoms. TMJ can be debilitating, causing you to cease chewing or even speaking until it’s resolved.



Danger #4 – Unable To Chew Easily

Pain or discomfort, whether in your jaw, gums, or mouth, due to a missing tooth can make it difficult to chew your food. An apple, steak, or even a salad can become uncomfortable to eat when the pain or discomfort of a missing tooth exists. The best course of action once you know you’re missing a tooth is to schedule an appointment with your local Malta dentist.

Danger #5 – Unattractive Facial Aesthetics

If you’re missing teeth, your jaw and gums will begin to recede. Granted, this process can take years to show externally. However, you’ll want to be aware that missing teeth can change the shape your jaw and smile over time, which leads to potentially unattractive facial aesthetics.

Danger #6 – Difficulty Speaking

Your teeth help you speak. Utilizing your tongue, humans all over the world can speak hundreds of different languages. A large majority of those languages leverage teeth to make the noises and sounds used in “speaking.” A missing tooth can make it difficult to speak, depending on the missing teeth.

How To Replace Missing Teeth?

Your dentist will examine your oral health and determine which restorative dental procedure will best work for you. Here are some dental procedure options that may be suggested:

Don’t spend another day living with a gap in your smile. Schedule your smile consultation appointment at Salvatore Dental in Malta today!