You have a damaged or missing tooth that you’re looking to replace. You believe you need a crown or a dental implant to take care of your issue. However, you’re dreading the entire process. You’ve heard nothing but horror stories surrounding how long a crown actually takes to place. Your friend or a loved one proclaim that a crown takes multiple visits across many weeks to actually get completed. If you’re worried this is the case, you’re not alone.

Imagine scheduling a dental consultation to determine if a dental crown is right for you. Once at the consultation your dentist explains your options. You both decided that a dental crown is the best choice. So, schedule your next appointment.

At your next appointment, you have your teeth digitally scanned, your crown created, and your crown placed, all within an hour or two. As you walk to the front of the dental office, you wonder if you will need to come back, but the front office manager explains that you just experienced a same-day crown.

7 Surprising Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

#1. No Temporaries Needed

You can have your teeth scanned, your crown created, and your crown placed all in one visit.

#2. Save Time

You only need to make a maximum of two visits for an initial consult and then the actual crown placement appointment. In some cases, your dentist will take care of all of this in one visit, which saves you time.

#3. High-Quality Material

When you place a crown on the same day as your visit, these aren’t temporaries. They are the crowns you will be wearing for a long time. This means that the material must be high-quality to fit dental standards and meet your lifestyle needs.

#4. A Great Fit

The technology used to fit a same-day crown is how the crown fits so well in your mouth. Digital imaging alongside 3D dentistry tech allows for near perfect fitting crowns.

#5. Preserve Existing Tooth

A crown allows you to preserve more of your existing tooth without having to remove what remains. In some cases, you will need to remove an entire tooth and go through a dental implant procedure. However, when you need a crown, you may be able to get one on the same day.

#6. Durability

If you want your smile to last for years, you may need to replace a tooth with a crown. A dental crown is a durable dental treatment that helps restore the integrity, as well as the beauty of your smile.

#7. Comfort

When your crown fits great, and you don’t have to worry about revisiting the dentist to finish the procedure, you find great comfort in the process. What’s more, the fit of your crown will be how you ultimately determine its success. Being able to use your crown as if it’s a regular tooth is essentially what matters.

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