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Hello, thanks for coming back to the Salvatore Dental blog — the place with the best articles on dental care, dental procedures, and more! Today, we’re diving into the topic of dental fillings, and more specifically why you’ll benefit from getting dental fillings from our dentists in Malta. Keep reading to learn more!

The Basics

Before we get into why you should get any filling work done with our practice, let’s talk about what fillings are and what purpose they serve. 

Fillings are most commonly used to literally fill cavities, but there are plenty of other applications. Dental fillings are also used to fix chipped teeth, teeth damaged from grinding, and even to protect sensitive teeth. 

Essentially, fillings serve to protect vulnerable areas of the tooth and to improve the overall appearance of one’s teeth.

How They’re Applied

Dental fillings are simple to apply, we simply clean the teeth receiving fillings thoroughly, apply the fillings to areas in need of work, and harden them. After that, you just need to care for them as you would normal teeth. 

Why You Should Get Your Dental Fillings At Salvatore Dental

Now that we’ve covered the basics of dental fillings, let’s talk about why your best bet is to get your fillings from us. 

It all comes down to the material we use – a white dental filling. Most practices use a metal-based dental filling, which is ultimately the inferior filling material. For one, it’s more expensive — but in our eyes, the expense isn’t worth it.

Metallic fillings do not provide the appearance of a natural tooth, and on top of that, they require regular replacement, making them a consistent expense as time passes. 

On the opposite side of the coin, the white fillings we offer at Salvatore Dental are cost-effective, provide a natural appearance, and require little-to-no maintenance once the initial application is completed.

We love the fact that our white fillings provide a solution that is practical, long-lasting, and most importantly cost-effective. In fact, our white fillings are so cost-effective, that you’ll like be able to utilize them even if you don’t have dental insurance. 

Their natural appearance comes down to the fact that they’re white. So when we’re doing our work, whether we’re filling a cavity or a chipped tooth, we’re able to match the shape of your tooth. This results in a seamless transition between the natural tooth and white filling.

Finally, the white filling we use is durable and of the highest quality. This supplies you with superior protection. Additionally, because the material is so durable it should last for years to come. Chances are you won’t need any more work done, but if you do, it will be a quick, easy, and affordable fix.

Salvatore Dental

Thanks for taking the time to read through our blog — hopefully it helped you! However, if you’re finding yourself wondering about the intricacies of white fillings, we’d be happy to talk with you. And if you’re in need of fillings now, or you’d like to schedule a routine cleaning, contact us today!