You may have heard that the dental crown process can take weeks. In most dental offices, this is the truth. However, at Salvatore Dental, we utilize 3D dentistry technology to take multiple crown visit over a few weeks and condense it down into a single dental visit that lasts a few hours. What should you expect from a dental visit that involves 3D dentistry technology? In this article, we’re going to share how 3D technology helps get you the best dental treatment while shortening the time you need to spend in the dental chair.

The Advantages of 3D Dentistry

When it comes to dental appointments, most patients want to be in and out of the office in one visit. They don’t have time to make multiple visits, and the duration between visits can be detrimental to their health when a tooth replacement or crown placement is involved. If you’re a patient who doesn’t have enough time for the dentist, but you need to see one for a dental crown, we can help.

It’s only recently that dentists could reduce dental crown procedures from multiple visits across weeks down to a single appointment. What’s the secret? In-house 3D impressions, design software, and milling machine. This combination of technology allows for accurate impressions to be taken of the patient’s teeth, an advanced software to design the needed crown, and an in-house milling machine to procure a dental crown with precision.

Advanced X-Rays

Digital impressions of the patient’s teeth help identify and properly diagnose dental issues. When applied to dental crown procedures, 3D X-Rays speed up the process while maintaining the same high-level quality of traditional imaging technology. This leads to a better fit once the dental crown is placed.

Same Day Crowns

The primary reason for crowns traditionally taking weeks to complete for patients is the crown milling process. For most dental offices, they must send out their impressions to have the crowns milled off-site by other professionals. This takes time. The 3D dentistry process available at Salvatore Dental keeps the crown creation process in-house so that you can get your needed dental treatment in less time.

No Impressions Material or Temporary Crowns

Patients tend to dislike traditional impression material. It gets in their teeth, and it tastes funny. When you choose Salvatore Dental for your crowns, you no longer need to deal with impression material, because we utilized 3D impression technology, as mentioned above. What’s more, the same day crown process removes the need for a temporary crown to be worn until your actual crown is ready.

Salvatore Dental: Your Dentist in Malta

When you choose Salvatore Dental in Malta, you get more than your average dentist. The dentists in our dental clinic have a hunger for knowledge, attaining nearly 10 times more continuing education than most in the area, and strive to treat every single patient’s individual needs. Comfort and exceptional care are top priorities in our dental office. Do you have a missing tooth? Not sure if you need a crown or not? Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.