When it comes to oral health, there’s nothing more valuable than a dentist that you can trust. As a parent, you may already feel nervous visiting a dentist. If so, how do you think your children feel? It’s best to find a dentist you and your family can be comfortable with checkups, cleanings, procedures, and surgeries.

At Salvatore Dental in Malta, we encourage the entire family to come see us. We focus on excellent dental care paired with a candid, comfortable chairside manner we’re positive you will love. If your children are nervous or worried about visiting the dentist, we will do our best to make them feel calm and relaxed when they visit us.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the four steps to take to find the best family dentist in Malta.

The Four Steps

Step #1: Ask family and friends for referrals

It may seem odd, but at least one person in your family or group of friends has visited the dentist in the last six months. Ask them what they thought, how they felt, and if they plan on going back. These three simple questions can give you a feel for if the dentist they visited would be a good fit for you. You can also ask these questions:

  • Which procedure did you have?
  • How much did they charge?
  • Did they accept your insurance?
  • What was the office like?

Step #2: Research the dental services you need

Find a few dentists who offer the services you need and then research those services on your own. This will offer you some insight on how the dentist actually completes the procedure. You will be able to ask more specific questions, too, which will test how the staff and the dentist interacts with you.

Step #3: Ask about your dental insurance

Quite a few patients do not ask if the Malta dental office they would like to visit accepts their insurance. You want to ask this over the phone, not during your first appointment. If the potential office does take your insurance, ask more questions like what the coverage split is, how they process your procedure, and if they consider your needed procedure cosmetic or not.

Step #4: Ask if the dental office is kid-friendly

If you can find a great family dentist, you won’t have to run all over town taking your child to one office and your spouse to another. You want a dental office that is family friendly.

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