If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge is a potential option to treat the gap between your existing teeth. A significant gap between teeth can cause oral health issues if not treated properly — especially if that gap was, until recently, filled with a tooth.

In this article, Salvatore Dental will share what you need to know about dental bridges. You may be in the process of discovering why your Malta dentist recommended a bridge, and we hope to answer some of your most prominent questions.

Dental Bridge Types

There are at least three different types of dental bridges your dentist in Malta may utilize to fill the gap between your teeth:

  • Fixed Bridge. On each side of your gap, a bridge is connected to crowns and cemented in place, filling the gap with a false tooth. This bridge is permanent and cannot be removed.
  • Cantilever Bridge. Similar to the Fixed Bridge, this dental bridge is bonded to a single tooth instead of multiple teeth to fill the gap.
  • Maryland Bridge. In most cases, this bridge is bonded and attached using metal or porcelain wings to fill a gap and improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile.

Why Get A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge offers a number of benefits for those that have been recommended the dental prosthetic. In a majority of cases, filling the gap between two adjacent teeth is vital to your oral health. Here are some benefits of a dental bridge:

#1. Improve Teeth Alignment

Each tooth in your mouth affects how the rest of your teeth align. A misalignment in your teeth can cause other oral health issues. Adding a dental bridge helps prevent these issues before they happen.

#2. Enhance Teeth Appearance

A dental bridge fills a tooth gap, and it offers you a new reason to smile. Don’t go another week without a full, beautiful smile. Take the time to schedule an appointment with your Malta dentist.

#3. Prevent Teeth Shifting

Teeth that shift will cause misalignment. Also, missing teeth affect your jawbone. Over time, if a tooth is missing, it stops stimulating your jaw bone, which results in your jawbone receding, a huge oral health issue that you want to prevent.

#4. Secure Oral Health

The future of your oral health relies on you taking care of the teeth still in your mouth. A gap in your smile can cause oral issues. A dental bridge helps secure the future of your oral health.

#5. Boost Smile Confidence

Embarrassed to smile due to missing teeth? No longer do you have to hide your smile with your hand. A dental bridge is one of many ways your Malta dentist can restore your beautiful smile.

Salvatore Dental: Your Dental Bridge Experts In Malta

Have you been recommended a dental bridge? Doing your own research to determine which dental treatment is right for your missing teeth? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and it’s affecting their lives in so many different ways. Schedule a dental appointment with your Malta dentist today to discover how you can fill the gap and regain your confidence to smile.