Don’t Let Your Oral Health Suffer


As your best choice for a dentist in the Saratoga area, we here at Salvatore Dental want you to understand exactly why it is so important to visit a dentist twice a year. While it might seem as though we are simply trying to ensure that we have customers and, therefore, make money, the reality of the situation is that, as dentists, we want to make sure as many people as possible have taken the appropriate steps to make sure that their oral health is as optimal as possible. In today’s post, we are going to continue where we left off last time and list out two more services that you will receive during a general checkup and why these services are important. Continue reading below to learn more.

Being Proactive Makes All The Difference


When it comes to your health, proactive measures are needed in order to make sure that you are as healthy as possible. Waiting until an issue becomes so severe that you need to seek out medical care is, in our opinion, no way to live. This same logic can be applied to dental care and, below, we have listed out a few of the preventative services that come with general dental checkups.



  • Oral Cancer Screening: Cancer is, by all metrics, a scary disease. Because of this, we strongly believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that they are not showing early signs of oral cancer. Because most people are unaware of what the early signs of oral cancer look like, it is important to visit your dentist so that they can perform a thorough screening. If caught early, oral cancer can typically be treated, however, if ignored, it can quickly turn into an aggressive force that is not as easy to manage.
  • Tooth Enamel: If you have seen a toothpaste commercial in the last decade, chances are you have heard something about tooth enamel. The enamel of your teeth is a thin layer made up of mostly minerals that work to protect the entirety of your tooth from damage caused by foods, beverages, and bacteria. If your enamel becomes compromised, it cannot be restored. Instead, other measures will need to be taken to protect your teeth, such as the placement of a dental crown or veneer. When you visit the dentist for your bi-annual check up, they will asses the health of your teeth’s enamel and determine whether or not preventative measures need to be taken in order to protect your tooth from decay.



Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog series on the essential services that are included during a general dental checkup. We hope that these posts have been enough to show you that general check ups twice a year with your dentist are in your best interest and that you shouldn’t ignore your oral health needs just because there isn’t a pressing issue. If you are in the Saratoga area and you would like to schedule an appointment at Salvatore Dental, please contact us today.