Salvatore Dental proudly offers realistic and durable dentures! Our dental clinic’s dentures are used to replace teeth that are missing in a very non-invasive manner. We have multiple options on color and shape to accomplish a smile that fits our patients’ individual cosmetic dentistry needs!

The Importance of Dentures

dreamstime_5857328Denture usage crucial for the health and self-esteem for people across the country, and also right here in Malta. It is undeniable that life is far harder without teeth, and the usage of dentures has enabled people to enjoy a far higher quality of life. Whether dentures help our patients to continue eating their favorite foods, fill in a gap in existing teeth, or just help to rebuild their damaged self-esteem, we are happy to offer the solutions they’re looking for.

Dentures & Eating

It comes as no surprise that natural teeth or dentures are vital for eating most foods. By having appropriately fitting, high-quality dentures at your disposal, you can continue to eat the way you love. Many of our patients report little-to-no difference in the foods available to them, and that can do a lot to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and we at Salvatore Dental want you to be able to enjoy yours as much as possible.

Dentures & Appearance

Without proper teeth, the face quickly gains a sunken and aged appearance. By adding in dentures, many of our dental clinic’s patients have immediately noticed a younger, more refreshing appearance in their face in addition to the realistic look dentures provide. Even beyond this, nothing can match the relief that comes with being able to once again flash a beautiful smile without feeling self conscious.

Find Out More

Of course, dentures require no surgery and are completely removable and replaceable; even though our dentures are durable and long-lasting, it is always nice to know that you can update or change out your dentures if you so choose. Find out whether our dental implants, bridges,  or dentures are the right solution for the pieces missing from your smile by scheduling an appointment with our dental clinic.

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