We understand when a dental emergency happens, you want to act fast to save a tooth or, in some cases, someone’s life. If you’re currently dealing with a life or death situation, please call the appropriate emergency services. Otherwise, if you’re dealing with a dental emergency like a lost tooth, cracked tooth, or dental damage, Salvatore Dental wants to share the top five ways to choose a dentist fast to handle your situation.

The Five Tips to Choose The Best Emergency Dentist

Tip # 1: Search “emergency dentist near me”

Although you may think this an odd way to find a dentist near you, it’s a quick way to use your phone and find a dentist offering emergency dental services. Simply find one that shows up in search results and call them. If it’s not during business hours, you may need to leave a message and wait for a call back.

Tip # 2: Do they accept your dental insurance plan?

If you know what your dental insurance plan is called, you may be able to get this questions answered quickly over the phone. Make sure the office confirms over the phone and in person that they take your insurance. In some cases, dental offices will say yes over the phone to get the patient in the office and taken care of, and then reveal they do not take the insurance inquired on. It’s better to ask twice than suffer for the next few months.

Tip # 3: Ask what their office hours are

This may not seem important, but if you don’t ask, they may say they do offer emergency dental services, but only during business hours. Ask this question up front and figure out if you need to call another dental office in Malta.

Tip # 4: Describe the dental emergency

It’s important to describe what happened to cause the dental emergency in case the dental office you called doesn’t offer services to remedy the situation. If you don’t share what happened, you may pay fees for a dentist simply looking at the individual’s mouth and confirming they need to see someone about it.

Tip # 5: Inquire what ages they treat

If your child or your spouse incurs a dental emergency, you need to share the age of whoever it was to the dental office you’re speaking too. In most cases, family dentists in Malta will see patients of any age, but you may call one that doesn’t see children or only sees the elderly.

Bonus Tip: Call Salvatore Dental Right Now!

Give our office a call during business hours and inquire about our dental emergency services. Instead of rushing to find a dentist near you in the middle of an oral crisis, have Salvatore Dental in Malta on speed dial.

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If you’re in the middle of a medical emergency, contact emergency medical services as soon as possible.

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