If you had a root canal in years past, you’ve likely had to deal with the discomfort that is a temporary crown. It’s a necessary step, to be sure, as that temporary crown protects all the hard work your dentist did to save your tooth. But it’s still awkwardly too large and just a bit uncomfortable. It also means going back to the dentist a few weeks later when your personalized crown is ready.

Now, thanks to advances in 3D dentistry, a lot of that process is changing. 3D dentistry uses thinks like a 3D printer to create custom dental appliances like crowns, veneers, and dentures. The technology also includes 3D scanning to take high-resolution images, which allows any dental office with the technology to easily create highly individualized results, and to digitally adjust the images — which is how the aligner-style braces work. Here are some of the big benefits to finding a regular or emergency dentist with this technology:


Easy Individualization

We mentioned this briefly already, but 3D dentistry’s biggest benefit is just how simple it is to create perfectly personalized dental appliances. When it comes to things like organ transplants, the body needs a highly-similar donor. While dental implants and crowns aren’t quite to the same extent, the more personalized an implant is, the more comfortable you’ll be.


Speedier Work

If you’ve ever had to wait weeks to get a crown or an implant, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Now, with 3D dentistry, general and emergency dentists can provide highly individualized crowns, veneers, and other dental appliances at a mere fraction of the time. Being able to scan and 3D print those items means you get to skip the weeks of waiting. Now, when you go in for a root canal, you can get a crown fitted for your teeth at the same time — no more coming back weeks later or dealing with the temporary crown.


Better Accuracy

When a crown, veneer, implant, or other dental device isn’t a perfect fit, it can mean additional problems down the road. For example, if a veneer doesn’t fully cover the exposed tooth, it can be much easier for cavities to form along the edges. Similarly, if a crown or a dental implant doesn’t fit well, that material rubbing against your natural teeth can wear away at the enamel. 3D dentistry even allows for better-fitting mouth guards and removable tools.


Increased Comfort

When dental appliances fit better, you can tell. The reason you often have to wait weeks for a personalized dental crown is so that someone can painstakingly sculpt a crown that will fit perfectly with your teeth. Now, 3D dentistry means that same level of individualization faster, but it also means better comfort. Whether it’s a crown or dentures, dental appliances feel better when they’re made to fit your mouth.

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