At Salvatore Dental, we use bridges to replace missing teeth that are in between two other teeth. Bridges are minimally invasive, done entirely in our dental office, do not require surgery and will not come out of your mouth!

dreamstime_xxl_26835273Bridges: The Implant Alternative

By getting a bridge installed instead of opting into a dental implant, you may be able to save yourself a large amount of time, cost, and even a surgery. Since bridges require no surgery, and are entirely an in-office procedure here at Salvatore Dental, you can fill in a gap caused by a missing or displaced tooth with the highest levels of convenience.

How They Work

Bridges involve anchoring crowns to existing teeth to secure gaps with a false tooth in between. This is different from a standalone dental implant because there is no need to perform dramatic surgery in anchoring the false tooth into the gum and jaw. Often, bridges are a preferred solution for our Malta dentistry patients because they:

  • Require no surgery
  • Utilize a healthy tooth or existing implants to secure a false tooth
  • Are far safer and require little-to-no recovery period
  • Pose a much more cost-efficient replacement option for patients with or without insurance
  • Protect gums and surrounding teeth just as a normal tooth would
  • Appear to look like an ordinary tooth or implant
  • Require little-to-no additional maintenance over time

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