Following the extraction or loss of a tooth, a gap is left in a patient’s mouth. While a bridge can be a viable solution for specific situations, they are not always the best or most desirable option. Recently, full dental implants have grown in popularity, and we at Salvatore Dental are proud to offer full implants for patients looking for a tooth that looks and functions nearly the exact same as their original tooth once had.

Understanding Implants

What is a Tooth Implant?

A dental tooth implant is a titanium “tooth root” with a crown that is placed in our patient’s mouth. It does not come out and is not connected to any other teeth. You brush and floss the implant the same as your natural teeth! Of course, you will not feel hot and cold sensations as you once had with your living tooth, but otherwise, the new implant will look and function much the same.

Bridge vs Implant

Often, patients choose between bridges and implants based upon convenience and price versus long-term convenience and sustainability. Basically, a bridge can be a great option for patients that qualify to use them, and so can implants. The benefits of an implant over a bridge include:

  • Implants last far longer than bridges, and can even last the rest of a patient’s life without being replaced.
  • Best possible appearance, bridges can’t match the single-tooth look of an implant.
  • Little to no loss of gum or risk of cavities or further decay from the procedure once finished, it functions almost exactly like a tooth.

For those that choose a bridge instead, they typically point to the following drawbacks of implants:

  • Cost. Implants aren’t always covered by insurance, and, even if they are, they require more visits, which means higher cost to the patient.
  • Short-term hassle; a bridge can be installed in a single session, whereas an implant requires repeat visits over numerous weeks or months to safely finish.


How It Really Works

The “implant” portion of the tooth implant is actually something like a drill bit placed inside of the jaw, under the gum, that can later have a crown (artificial tooth) screwed onto it. This process must be done in stages, with the implant itself going in before the eventual crown can take its place atop the artificially rooted implant. The process takes more than one visit, but the payoff is widely considered worth it; once completed, the patient has the best possible artificial tooth, both in aesthetics and function.

Our Tooth Implant Services

At Salvatore Dental you can have your tooth implant placed and restored by the same dentist, which can’t be said for many dentistry practices. Our very own Dr. Richard Jr. has undergone extensive training in placing and restoring dental implants. He is a diplomate of the International Dental Implant Association and is well-versed in the constantly-evolving 3D assisted techniques. He uses a 3D scan of his patient’s jaw and then visually places the implants on the computer. A guide is then printed with a 3D printer to obtain the most accurate and predictable tooth implant procedure possible!

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