Salvatore Dental utilizes the latest technology to perform the most efficient and painless root canal therapy possible anywhere, right here in Malta!

Our Root Canal Therapy

When the nerve of the tooth is exposed, due to a deep cavity or a broken tooth, the nerve often becomes infected by bacteria, prompting the need for a root canal. As a general dentistry practice, root canal therapy is performed to clean and essentially sterilize the inside of the tooth to remove any bacteria and infection present. After root canal therapy is performed, a crown is usually necessary to strengthen the tooth and keep it for life!

Benefits of a Root Canal

Although dentists know of it as root canal therapy, many people shorten the term to simply “root canal.” If you’re in need of a root canal, but hesitant for some reason, know that root canal therapy was designed to save a tooth. The meaning here is simple: Without a root canal, your tooth is at risk for rotting and eventually requiring an extraction. While this may not seem so bad with implants and other available cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is always preferable to keep one’s natural tooth whenever possible. Not only will your natural tooth allow you feel sensation, but natural teeth don’t ever need to be replaced, updated, or especially fussed over (as long as they’re taken care of).

Overcoming the Misinformation

There are plenty of rumors that exist in movies, television, and even come from our friends and family about the fear of a root canal; maybe your parents even used it as a potentially horrifying threat to motivate you to brush your teeth as a child. While this may have been true a century ago, root canal therapy has come a long way thanks to technological and dental skill advancement. The root canal therapy of today is very similar to the process of getting a filling and requires little else from the patient in terms of recovery and procedure participation. Our Malta patients tell us all the time how surprised they are that this general dentistry procedure wasn’t nearly as bad as they were expecting.

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