The Salvatores have been practicing dentistry since 1934, when Dr. Arthur Salvatore Sr. established his first practice. With the addition of Dr. Richard Salvatore Jr. and Dr. Vera Popova Salvatore, Salvatore Dental is onto its third generation! Here is a newspaper article of the Salvatores circa 1968.



Here is the full transcription:

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?– Dentistry is the only way of life for the family of Dr. Arthur C. Salvatore, right, who has practiced in Schenectady for the past 35 years. All four of his children have followed him into the field of dentistry. From left, Dr. Carol Ann Salvatore, 31 now practicing in New York City; Richard Salvatore, 25, a student at Loyola University School of Dental Medicine; Dr. Arthur Salvatore Jr., 28, in practice with his father in Schenectady; and Mrs. Barbara Salvatore Long, 29, a part-time dental hygienist for her father.

Four Children Follow Father-

Five Salvatores in Dental Field

Dr. Arthur C. Salvatore, D.D.S, and his wife, Carrie, have launched a formidable attack on tooth decay; all four of their children have chosen the dental profession as “their thing.”

How did this father entice his children to follow his footsteps? Did he find threats or promises most effective in luring them toward the chair?

“Actually,” replied Dr. Salvatore Sr., “I made a point of never talking it up at home or forcing any decisions on the kids. I felt that the decision was their’s to make, and I can’t help suspecting that if I’d pused it, dentistry is the last thing they’d probably have wanted to do.”

Dr. Salvatore, who lives with his wife at 1145 Highland Park Road, was born in Schenectady, attended Schenectady High School and Union College, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine in ’34.

He opened his first office on Barrett Street after his graduation, and two years later moved to 34 Jay St., where he practiced for 18 years. Realizing, however, that the family would soon need more office space, eh moved again in 1954 to his present location at 609 Union St.

A member of the American Dental Association and on the staff of S. Clare’s and Ellis Hospitals, Dr. Salvatore served as president of the Schenectady County Dental Society in 1947.

He gets away from it all at his summer home at Saratoga Lake, and during the winter months he escapes to the Schenectady Curling Club. He and his wife are communicants of St. Helen’s Church.

Mini-skirted Carol, currently practicing at the Children’s Aid Society in New York City, which treats underprivileged and foster home children, eventually wants to return to Schenectady to practice.

While she enjoys the excitement of a big city, she commented that, “garlic on breath is bad enough when you’re riding the subways, but when they sit back and open wide..”

After graduating from Colby Junior College and completing a year’s training at Philadelphia General Hospital, Carol worked for five years at Knolls Atomic Power laboratory in programming and scheduling department.

“But I couldn’t get involved in that type of work, and decided to go back to school for dentistry.” She chose her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, and plans to later specialize in orthodontia.

Her sister Barbara, Mrs. Frank Longo, decided that a dentist spent too much of his life in school, and chose related filed of dental hygiene instead.

Another alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, n the school of oral hygiene, Barbara worked for her father for two ears after graduation then left to get married. Although she now has three tireless daughters, she still works part time at her father’s office. Her husband is an attorney with Houlihan and Martin Associates.

Arthur Jr., another alumnus of –you guessed it- Penn.- joined his father in general practice in 1964.

Asked whether he’d considered any other fields of employment, Aft admitted that he toyed with the idea of a career in music before deciding on dentistry.

A saxophone player from his high school days, Art has studied music composition and arranging and writing music for local groups Art takes advantage of his pilot’s license to travel with his wife Patty and their two sons.

Richard’s mustache is not his only break with the establishment- he is not a University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine student.

Richard recently finished his second year at Loyla University Dental School, which, coincidentally, is the alma mater of his uncle, Dr. Vincent Piscitelli a dentist in LaSalle.

Richard attributes his choice of career to his love of working with his hands, a genuine enjoyment of people, and the opportunity to “be your own boss” in the dental field.

His father, brother and sister are waiting for him to join them at 609 Union St. in 1971.