Cavity Detection Laser


At Salvatore Dental in Malta, we pride ourselves in having the latest and best technology to deliver a superior quality of dentistry, efficiently and in less time.

Decay on x-rays is only visible after it is deeper than 2mm! 2mm may not sound big but many times that is halfway to the nerve! Using x-rays and clinical examination proves to be only 49% successful in detection of small cavities. In conjunction with our cavity detector laser we are able to correctly diagnose over 90% of cavities less than 2mm!

We are able to treat cavities when they are at an earlier stage which results in an easier and smaller filling!

Digital Photography

We know that seeing is believing! We thoroughly explain all of our findings and treatment to our patients in words that everyone can understand. In addition to x-rays, we take full color pictures of our patient’s teeth to help bring our patients to understanding on what is happening in their mouth. We want our patients to be well informed and to make decisions that they are comfortable with!

Digital X-Rays

We have the thinnest and most comfortable digital x-rays available on the market! Our x-rays are thinner than a business card! Using digital x-rays also greatly reduces the amount of radiation necessary for exposure making them extremely safe. An entire full mouth series of xrays, which takes a picture of every tooth at all angles, is equivalent to the amount of radiation we receive from one airline flight from New York to Florida!

Digital Panoramic Xray

We also have the ability to monitor wisdom teeth before they erupt and be more preventative and predictable with treatment. Our panoramic machine gives us more information about our patients and gives us the ability to treat problems earlier and faster.

In-Room Entertainment

Each of our treatment rooms have overhead monitors with a wireless remote and headphones. We use the screens for both patient education and entertainment. We utilize our digital intraoral cameras to increase our communication and explain exactly how we are going to help. We often take before and after pictures of what we are currently restoring. Each patient is offered choices of movies and tv shows to enjoy while having treatment!


In the last few years a new technology to treat patients has emerged. We now use a dental laser that is specific to treat only the gums. Making it very safe, more comfortable and we obtain better results!

Paperless Charting & Patient Communication

We respect the environment and use the least amount of paper as possible. All of our charting is digital as well as our communication with insurance companies.

We believe that the key to all success is communication. We know our patients are very busy so we have the ability to communicate with our patients via email and text message. Don’t worry, we still answer the phone! We love to give options to our patients!

3D Milled Same-Day Crowns

We are living in the digital age where we can reduce crown visits from weeks to hours! Using our in house 3D impression, design software and milling machine we can produce metal-free crowns in one appointment. Watch a movie and leave with the final crown!

3D X-Ray Technology

Accurate Diagnosis: Our 3D Cone-beam X-ray machine offers an unparalleled view that has never been available. While conventional 2D X-rays provide one plane of view our 3D x-rays the ability to see from all angles. We now have the ability to accurate diagnose, quickly and efficiently leading to higher quality of care.

Safety: Our practice has purchased the highest quality and lowest radiation machine available on the market. We equally value quality and safety which makes our Vatech machine a perfect fit!

Virtual Implant Placement: We virtually perform our implant surgery by using our 3D x-ray machine and computer software. We are able to fully plan the most ideal placement of our dental implants and use this information for the fabrication of a 3D printed guide. All of our surgery at Salvatore Dental is planned virtually resulting in faster more accurate surgery with easier healing!