Our Revolutionary Same-Day Crowns

Our dentistry is proud to have CAD/CAM Cerec technology, which allows our patients to receive the final crown in the first and only appointment! The process begins by taking a 3D optical scan of our patient’s teeth; we then design the crown on the computer while our patient watches, allowing them to engage with the entire process. Next, we mill the porcelain crown in our on-site milling machine in less than 15 minutes! Whereas traditional crowns were done in at least two appointments with days or weeks in between as the crown is made in an offsite lab, ours are almost always done in one short visit.

Benefits of a Crown

Crowns fill a unique role in covering damaged areas of the the tooth that may be too large for a single filling to safely cover. In essence, a crown is essentially a cover for your tooth that encompasses a far larger area. While traditional crowns were essentially like an entire new tooth that was slipped over the existing one – keeping the root and gum structure intact, just with a new face – our cerec crowns actually do act like larger fillings that allow your tooth structure to remain showing. Many of our patients like this option, as it doesn’t require as much to maintain the appearance of the crown.

Visit Us Today!

We have received even more positive feedback from patients than we initially expected. The entire process is very impressive to our patients, and many of them are even taking pictures and videos while watching their new crowns being made! Our dental clinic’s patients appreciate our investment in technology and education to deliver the highest quality dentistry possible anywhere, right here in Malta!