At our family dentistry, we know that many patients have had bad dental experiences in the past. Dental anxiety is very prevalent, and we see it just about everyday. We offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to help decrease patient anxiety. Many times, patients start with the administration of nitrous oxide, yet, as they become more comfortable, they eventually do not need any assistance for future dental procedures!

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is one of the oldest forms of anaesthesia still in use today, dating back to the middle of the 19th century. The disorienting effects of the anesthetic often leaves patients feeling giddy, leading to the name “laughing gas.” Dentists must be careful with the administration of laughing gas because, as with all anesthetics, a careful regulation of doses is required to keep each patient safe. Be sure to only ever receive laughing gas from a licensed doctor or dentist under regular circumstances to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Compared to other anesthetics, laughing gas allows your dentist to keep you awake and conscious, yet calm and generally numbed. This gives laughing gas a tremendous edge over many other anesthetics for dentistry, as a conscious patient can keep their jaw open and are far easier to monitor. This also makes laughing gas much safer for the patient, as full anesthetics that put a patient to sleep require careful monitoring to keep everything safe and effective.

Dental Anxiety

Many people show some aversion to the dentist, but for some the anxiety is nearly overwhelming. It can lead to people delaying their visit to the dentist until it is too late for simple preventive treatment, often requiring emergency dental care to fix painful problems. Eventually, everyone has to go to the dentist, whether for routine preventive care or major problem solving, often at the expense of the patient’s oral health and financial situation.

Overcoming the Anxiety

Once in the office and under laughing gas, the entire situation changes for nervous patients. The anesthetic kicks in, removing the sensation of pain and replacing it with a euphoric, calming feeling. The true benefit of this isn’t seen in a single visit, but when a patient begins to no longer need the laughing gas in addition to a local anesthetic. By using the artificial euphoria created by laughing gas to the patient’s advantage, they eventually associate less stress and anxiety with the dentist’s office in general.

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Whether you’re about to undergo a major dental procedure, or just attempting to overcome your fear of the dentist’s office to receive the oral care you need, please take advantage of the professional laughing gas administration at Salvatore Dental in Malta. We pride ourselves on our careful experience and execution of even minor dental procedures, and always strive to overcome anxiety and other barriers to get you and your family the care you need.