At Salvatore Dental, Dr. Vera sees most of our pediatric patients! She has undergone extra training to make all of our young patients have very positive dental experiences and is very passionate about making the experience as enjoyable and educational as possible. 

Pediatric Dentistry at Salvatore Dental

Dr. Vera begins seeing little ones at one year of age! Starting with positive experiences at a young age will ensure that our patients continue to be comfortable whenever they are at Salvatore Dental and set up great habits that will carry them through a lifetime of dental care.

Our Approach to Kids

Our goal is to guide new parents and their children to proper dental care. Providing the knowledge and skills they need to succeed throughout life from a young age ensures the best homecare for our patients and helps to put them on the path to healthy teeth and gums for life. The entire team at our Malta dentistry is excited to take on new young patients; it truly makes our day to see another young, healthy mouth walk out the door. Whether you’re a new or experienced parent, Dr. Vera and the staff at Salvatore Dental are prepared to help you make home dental care and visiting the dentist seem like a natural, normal, and important part of your child’s life.


Building Healthy Habits

As we’ve mentioned, our primary goal is to set up your child or children with a solid, healthy foundation to build a lifetime of oral health care upon. We believe that if they start with proper care at a young age, which means visiting the dentist and taking care of their teeth at home, they will have a much more pleasant time in taking care of their mouths throughout their lives. Our unique approach goes above and beyond simply leveraging “parental authority,” instead we make sure that your child is an active, empowered participant in their own oral health care; although your support is both appreciated and encouraged!

Dentistry to Grow With

If your family remains in the Malta area, you can continue to visit Salvatore Dental all throughout their formative, and even adult, years! Since we are fortunate to have multiple experienced family dentists that represent numerous skillsets and specialities in dentistry, we are able to see every member of family, regardless of their age or needs. If you need dental work done, you can be sure to find a dentist that can help at Salvatore Dental. We are the top rated dentist in Saratoga Shopping Center!


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If you’re looking for a dentistry that can handle the special needs of a growing mouth and mind, then you need to look into Salvatore Dental, top dentist in Malta. We know that you’ll be so satisfied with the quality of dental care that your child (of any age) receives at our office, that you’ll soon want to switch the entire family’s oral health care to our skilled team of dentists. We take pediatric dentistry seriously, but see it as a necessary stepping stone in an important journey they’ll remain committed to throughout their lives.

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