Our Dental Sealants


In our dental office, sealants are placed on the top of teeth to seal the grooves and prevent cavities from developing. Sealants make it more difficult for food, plaque and bacteria to stick to teeth, while making it easier for our patients to keep teeth clean!

Sealants aren’t for everyone – nor are they for every situation. They can be incredibly effective in preventing future damage to teeth and gums in some, but not a viable solution for dental problems in others. At Salvatore Dental, we take the extra step in ensuring that sealants are only recommended and administered in cases where the patient will benefit from sealants long-term.

What are Sealants?

Sealants are essentially just space-fillers for grooves between and around teeth and gums that prevent plaque, debris, and bacteria from accessing at-risk areas. They are primarily used in children, teenagers, and young adults to fill vacancies in the mouth and prevent decay from creeping into that area, thereby protecting that space as well as the teeth and gums adjacent to it. Many children receive sealants on their permanent molars and premolars almost as soon as they come in; by doing so, this helps to prevent cavities and other enamel-damaging decay from ever taking hold in their mouths.

Do They Last?

Yes, sealants can easily last ten years or more. Often times, when used in children, sealants are a sort of crutch used to get kids into adulthood with their teeth as intact as possible, at which time they can be removed, reapplied, or left alone by their dentist. When used in conjunction with veneers in adults, sealants are usually reapplied whenever the veneers are adjusted or as necessary.

Other Common Questions

Most often people’s secondary concerns about sealants are twofold: Are they expensive and do they hurt? In both cases, the answer is almost always no. Most insurances cover sealants for most individuals, meaning that your out-of-pocket costs are typically very low – to know for sure, reach out to the staff at Salvatore Dental for assistance. As far as discomfort goes, sealants only take a few minutes and almost never cause the patient any discomfort beyond having their mouth open as they would during a cleaning. A simple acid is applied to the surface of the tooth to roughen it up and increase the bonding power of the sealant after cleaning, but this is not a particularly harmful material, nor does the roughed up surface reach any nerve endings or painful areas. From there, the sealant is simply painted on and allowed to dry, providing years of protection in a matter of minutes.

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