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At Salvatore Dental, we understand that prevention is the key to success! Using our wide array of dentistry knowledge and available technology, we are often able to effectively treat problems before emergencies occur through routine cleanings and gum treatments.

Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Regular maintenance is essential to proper oral health. By receiving even basic dentistry services twice a year, you can greatly reduce your likelihood of major and minor oral complications and diseases alike. We place each one of our patients on a customized hygiene program that is specifically tailored to their individual needs. With what we know today, we are able to have our patients keep their teeth and gums healthier than ever before! Regular hygiene visits, gum treatments, teeth whitenings, exams, x-rays and even teeth whitening are all components to a healthy smile. Our dentistry always strives to encourage patients take responsibility for their mouths and understand that oral health is a team effort that requires both an at-home and in-office commitment to maintenance and prevention.

Schedule Your Cleaning & Gum Treatment

Our vision is to not be reactionary dentists, where we treat problems after they occur. Of course, we will treat any dental emergencies, but ideally we want to help all of our Malta dentistry patients well before pain, disease, or damage occurs. By scheduling regular routine dental cleanings and gum treatments with our office, you are committing to the future health of your teeth and gums, and giving us the opportunity to discover and prevent issues before they pop up.

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